Shipping is Included with Orders of 6 Bottles or More.
Shipping is Included with Orders of 6 Bottles or More.

The Story Behind Grower Project

A Partnership Built on Purpose

After the birth of Lost Draw Cellars in 2013, and Wine for the People the very next year, that momentum for passion led to the founding of the Grower Project in 2015. Their farmer-focused wines are made to shine the brightest possible light on the increasingly important, sustainably-minded Texas grape growers that Rae Wilson and Andrew Sides had developed deep respect for. To connect these growers to a larger market, and raise awareness of their small specialty sites, The Grower Project has since committed to a micro collection of wines that will increase the visibility of these growers and tell the story of the vast terroir of Texas.
Sustainability in our industry means selecting grape varieties that work with  their growing conditions, not against them. The growers that Wilson and Sides have formed rich relationships with have a mission to use less water, use pesticides conservatively, and cultivate techniques that will allow more of our ruthless land to be planted to select resilient grape varieties. Only with grapes like these can Texas farmers work towards natural and biodynamic agricultural practices.
In respect to this purpose, these wines showcase a winemaking approach unique from any other William Chris Wine Co. brand. Simply put, the hands that make wine are not the hands that grow the grapes, so every single step during the winemaking process is taken with a "hands off" approach.
Every Grower Project wine reveals as direct a line to the true source as possible.
Find these wines in our Shop or at a local retailer, and taste them at the Texas AVA tasting room in Dripping Springs.

A series inspired by the land the wine is grown on and the people who grow it.